Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sand geyser in Saudi Arabia

The video you are about to watch, was filmed by a driver who stopped along the freeway with many others just outside Al-Ajsae City, in Saudi Arabia. What you are about to see has been called many things, including a "Sand Geyser", "Sand Fountain", or a "Sand Volcano".  The quality is not the best, because it was filmed with a cell phone. but it's good enough to let you know that something very powerful is underfoot in the desert. 
I've had this video in my archive of articles to be written for almost a year now, and I have finally decided to post it.  What took me so long to actually present it was the limited information about what exactly happened to create such a spectacular phenomenon. It happened back in 2006, and from what i have found from reading over 30 different articles from news sources and blogs is that no one knows for sure exactly what caused the phenomenon.
There is one thing I have constantly run into as I looked into the reporting about this event.  It seems that the Saudi Arabian government had scientists, and the government controlled Aramco Geological Team investigate it because of the enormous size of the geyser.  However, after extensive research they are refusing to release their finding to the public. This actually fits right in line with the way the royal Family likes to keep their subjects in the dark on scientific matters. The less they know, the easier it is to control them by using religious explanations for unexplained miracles.  
There are plenty of speculative ideas, but as of yet nothing has been
agreed upon even by the experts outside of Saudi Arabia. Below the video I have listed the many
different explanations that have been suggested.  If you have any ideas
that could help explain the phenomenon then please share it with me and I
will add it to my list.
(Note, I edited the video to inform the viewer of the phenomenon and to replace the Muslim soundtrack that was a recitation of Quran Aya's, (Quranic scripture) with a portion of Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus's, #40 in G Minor, K 550_ I-Molto allegro. Just because I could)


  • A certain Muslim named Subuhanallah. claims that It is a supernatural miracle caused by Allah himself, which he does quite often in this world. This person say that it is way beyond our limited scientific knowledge to find out the whats, hows, and whys, regarding this phenomenon.
    (note, God, not Allah, has given mankind the ability to know everything we wish to know. Jesus tells us to,

    "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7 (NKJV)
    I am a firm believer that if we have the faith of a mustard seed then we can and will have the scales of confusion lifted from our minds.)  

  • Another Muslim has suggested that the Qur'an mentions such peculiar events. The person quoted from some obscure ambiguous passage that refers to the earth releasing its burdens in ways that can even make the sands of the desert do strange things.
    (note, I did all I could to find this passage and I was not able to locate it, but maybe someone else can. Here is a link to the Qur'an. )


  • It was caused by a busted sewage pipe.  Notice how you see only the sand from the outer shell of the eruption? Well if it were truly a sand geyser you would see the sand piling u fairly quickly into a huge sand dune.  This happens in the Middle East all the time.  Notice also that the people
    are just standing there as the traffic seems to be moving at a normal pace.
    (note, yea right, so why isn't anyone holding their nose.)


  • It was caused by an underground Armaco oil pipeline that busted.
    (note from editor, so why is the sand not black?)

  • It was caused by a broken water main underground.
    (note, That is a lot of sand to be kicked up by a broken water main, or any broken pipe for that matter.)

  • It was caused when an underground natural gas fissure broke through the tectonic plates and the sand geyser is a result of the gas forcing its way to the surface.
    (note, That is a lot of pressure for a natural gas leak.  Also, if it were a natural gas leak I doubt the people would be standing around watching it very long before it blew up.  After all a vast majority of Arabs smoke cigarettes. Someone would have ignited it and thus the official explanation would be very evident.)


  • a sand injectite which is created under certain conditions, when unconsolidated sand is remobilized and forced upward through overlying layers. These sands can have high porosity and permeability and play a huge role in planning and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery.

    (note, this is a very good possibility, However, as of yet no expert has officially stated this was a sand injectite)


  • It was caused by the drilling for oil. When they pumped air into the ground to cause the pressure needed to force the oil up the pumps, they failed to consider that another hole would be caused releasing the air pressure which created the phenomenon.
    (note, there was no report of an oil well being put in place when it happened)


  • A sand blow, or sand volcano. This occurs (usually after an earthquake) when an Intense seismic shaking causes the sediments
    that are loose to change from a solid to liquid (not literally), due to
    the the pressure of the seismic shaking. This opens up gaps between the clay. A
    fracture occurs through the loose sediment that causes an upward flow of
    sand to fly out of the ground that looks like a geyser.
    (note, I read of no earthquake prior to the phenomenon)

  • It's sand being blown upwards from a gigantic Muslim sand worm who is working it's way through the desert to join the 13 million Muslims who go to Mecca every year to walk around the Kaaba seven times.
    (note, wrong, the worm would slither not walk. I'm not stupid)

  • Either the Mummy is returning for a sequel, or the Scorpion King is digging an underground tunnel for an express train from Saudi to Iraq.
    (note, this makes a lot of sense because I really liked the Mummy movies)

     Finally, regardless of what you or I may think caused this phenomenon. You must admit that after 4 years of speculation by the public, it is quite strange that that there is still no official explanation offered by experts from around the world. So, what do you think?