Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dog Grabs Roman Candle and Runs With It

Some things are just too funny to describe, but what we have here is Dauchshund that decided to grab a Roman Candle that was already lit and run around with the thing shooting it's flares. The adults in this video can thank God that no one, especially the children, was injured. Fortunately, we can enjoy this while laughing because no one was hurt.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rambunctious Dogs

This is just too funny for commentary. Enjoy it for what it's.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Picking and a Grinning

I received this in an email from my Uncle. I really don't know who's children these are, but considering I have hundreds of relatives around America that I have never met, I will not even attempt to guess who's children they are. I did ask who they are, but he and his wife are somewhere over the Atlantic on their way to France right now. If I could have played a guitar this good at that age, I do think my occupation would have been much different then it is today. These boys are good, considering their age. However, keep an eye on the youngest boy because he seems to do it with the kind of ease that you don't see very often.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Dog Having Way Too Much Fun in Fresh Snow

After a blizzard dumped 54 inches of snow on Colorado, this dog decided to enjoy every moment of it. No snow hill was too deep for him to dive into, especially the powder that was dumped upon the Denver area. I originally had the song, "I Feel Good"' by James brown, but I was forced to remove it for copyright reasons. So this time I posted the video without any sounds. If anyone has a good idea for what non copyrighted song or even what classical music might fit, then let me know and I'll add it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sea Shepherd Terrorists Throwing Bottles Containing Butric Acid at Whaling Ship

In my article on "The Way One Vike Sees it" blog about the Whale Wars, I said that the packets of rancid butter and other food items at the fishermen could cause a fisherman to get sick from food poisoning if hit in the mouth;

As it turns out, the actual contents of the smelly bombs is butyric acid. Butyric acid actually does have effects that can effect humans in a dangerous way. Researchers have even stated that if butryic acid gets in the eys it can leave the person permanently blind. Interesting because the Terrorists also use lasers that can blind people, all this is known by the terrorists that are members of the Sea Shepherd gouop. This from

Hazards Identification

Potential Acute Health Effects:
Very hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of ingestion. Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant), of inhalation. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (corrosive, permeator). Liquid or spray mist may produce tissue damage particularly on mucous membranes of eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. Skin contact may produce burns. Inhalation of the spray mist may produce severe irritation of respiratory tract, characterized by coughing, choking, or shortness of breath.

Hazards Identification

: Not available.
The substance is toxic to lungs, the nervous system, mucous membranes. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Repeated or prolonged contact with spray mist may produce chronic eye irritation and severe skin irritation.

Now if you are hit in the mouth and accidentally digest this substance, this is what they advise;

First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: Check for and remove any contact lenses. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Cold water may be used. Get medical attention.
Skin Contact: In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. Cold water may be used.Wash clothing before reuse. Thoroughly clean shoes before reuse. Get medical attention immediately.
Serious Skin Contact: Wash with a disinfectant soap and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream. Seek immediate medical attention.
Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention. Serious Inhalation: Evacuate the victim to a safe area as soon as possible. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen. If the victim is not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

It may be hazardous to the person providing aid to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when the inhaled material is toxic, infectious or corrosive. Seek immediate medical attention.
Ingestion: Do NOT induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If large quantities of this material are swallowed, call a physician immediately. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband.

So I guess in my attempt to show the Sea Shepherd terrorists as being extreme by using extreme descriptions for the smelly bombs effects on humans, was actually a lot closer to the truth then I thought. Amazing ain't it?

Check out these two videos and you will see them throwing the bottles.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, February 5, 2010

Newly Discovered Video Segments, of Deion Sanders & Andre Rison's NFL Lightweight Fight

by OneVike

In 1994, when Deion Sanders left the Atlanta Falcons for the San Francisco 49ers, there apparently was some bad blood between him and his former Falcon teammate Andre Rison. This bad blood was on center stage when it came time for the 49ers to play the Falcons. The sports media had done all it could to make sure something would happen by constantly asking the two what they were going to do when Sanders covers Rison. It was their way I guess of promoting the game in which the two would meet. The game was hyped as much for the possibility of fight as they did for the game of football. All week long leading up the the game there was speculation that the meeting could result in a fight. Eventually the much anticipated fight broke out, and it was such a classic that most people remember the fight but hardly anyone remembers who won the game.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the viewers on television saw only a portion of their fight. What the viewers actually saw was a very cleaned up version of the slug fest, or, errr, the slapfest. It took a while, but I finally unearthed the whole fight from start to finish. What you will see in this video are the segments the television crew thought were to violent for you to see. Reminiscent of the 911 scenes the MSM refuses to show the public anymore, so to were the list segments of the classic Sanders vs Rison boxing slap fight. Enjoy the entire exclusive video you will only see here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catalunia Catholic Boy's Choir Sing The 'Meow" Song

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Penguin Barely Escapes Being Killer Whales Lunch

In this video you will see a penguin being chased by three or four killer Orca Whales. After about a minute of going to and fro to escape the clutches of their jaws, the penguin decides to take his chances with the humans instead. So before they know it, the people in the raft have a guest and he does not seem to be in too much of a hurry to jump back into the water. Eventually the whale decides to head back out to see if they can find other prey for dinner.

Killer Whale Does What Killer Whales Do Best, Kills Pelican & Eats It (During Show)

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