Friday, February 5, 2010

Newly Discovered Video Segments, of Deion Sanders & Andre Rison's NFL Lightweight Fight

by OneVike

In 1994, when Deion Sanders left the Atlanta Falcons for the San Francisco 49ers, there apparently was some bad blood between him and his former Falcon teammate Andre Rison. This bad blood was on center stage when it came time for the 49ers to play the Falcons. The sports media had done all it could to make sure something would happen by constantly asking the two what they were going to do when Sanders covers Rison. It was their way I guess of promoting the game in which the two would meet. The game was hyped as much for the possibility of fight as they did for the game of football. All week long leading up the the game there was speculation that the meeting could result in a fight. Eventually the much anticipated fight broke out, and it was such a classic that most people remember the fight but hardly anyone remembers who won the game.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the viewers on television saw only a portion of their fight. What the viewers actually saw was a very cleaned up version of the slug fest, or, errr, the slapfest. It took a while, but I finally unearthed the whole fight from start to finish. What you will see in this video are the segments the television crew thought were to violent for you to see. Reminiscent of the 911 scenes the MSM refuses to show the public anymore, so to were the list segments of the classic Sanders vs Rison boxing slap fight. Enjoy the entire exclusive video you will only see here.

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