Saturday, May 22, 2010

Studies on Spiders show the dangers of Drugs Like Marijuana (Very cool Video)

As I told you a few weeks ago, this November the voters of California will decide whether or not marijuana should be legalized or not. In the article, Legalizing Marijuana, So Politicians Can Spend More Money, I gave my reasons for being against the initiative. After all, the last thing we need to do in California is feed the drug habit of politicians by giving them another product to tax millions of dollars on for their already failed programs. That's right, tax dollars is just as addictive to politicians as crack cocaine is to those caught in it's web of short term euphoria. History has shown us that if a politician just smells tax revenue that they will break as many laws as a drug addict to get their fix.

Well there was a scientific study done a few years back on the effects of certain drugs on spiders, and the results were astonishing. What they discovered was that different drugs had different effects on the way the spiders created their webs. The results from these types of studies should help convince those still on the fence about the dangers behind legalizing drugs, even marijuana.


  1. There is no way the First Church of Christ could ever do an unbiased scientific study on the effects of drugs on spiders, let alone how those effects could relate to us as humans. This is retarded.

  2. er, sorry, but doesnt that pic show that caffeine is worse than marijuana?
    And yet you're using it as an excuse to keep weed illegal... with no mention of banning coffee, energy drinks etc. Cannabis makes you relaxed and content (amongst other things, albeit some less desirable) so that might explain the spider's lazy web-building?
    While this is an interesting study, it shouldn't be used in isolation without looking at other studies/the bigger picture.