Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drive By Attack On Dog, By A Cat

Ever notice how cats just have this greater then thou attitude towards dogs? Kind of reminds me of the way many liberals in the MSM, academia, Hollywood, and politicians (on both sides of the isle I might add) have anointed themselves as superior to us common folk in the hinter lands. They are always looking down upon us with their collective noses in the air.

Well take a look at the way this cat is riding a Roomba vacuum while taking pot shots at the boxer in this video. Doesn't it remind you of the way the MSM will drive by and take pot shots at conservatives, gives a whole new to drive by hit pieces. Whether you are a cat person or a dog lover, this video is bound to make you laugh your butt off. While watching the video you will most likely begin to think, "There is only so much that dog will put up with before he nails the smarmy cat." Which is going to happen to the MSM's darling Democrats this November. We Americans have had enough of their smarmy drive by, greater than though attitudes, and we are ready to knock them off their tax sucking, fascist pushing, un-American pedestals.

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