Friday, January 29, 2010

Fearless Cat Chases Away Bear

A woman in Mont-laurier Quebec Canada is holding her toddler as she films a 3 or 3 year old bear from inside her home as the bear goes for her garbage. She attempts to shoo it away, but obviously the bear does not even know she is inside watching through a window. It seems the bear wants her garbage, and the moment the bear gingerly grabs a plastic bag of garbage a cat named mimine appears and confronts the bear. What we have next is a standoff that the bear is not sure he wants to get into. Eventually he does get the garbage bag, but he takes all precaution to avoid the menacing cat who does an admirable job of protecting the home front. It seems from the updated information I jusut recieved that the cat was actually protecting her newly born kittens.

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