Sunday, December 20, 2009

Airhead Reporter Does Unsafe Gun Safety Report

This is a video that helps explain the mentality of news reporters. Check out this airhead news reporter doing a report on gun safety. The woman reporter in this video keeps pointing the loaded gun at the cameraman.  Even after she fired a round down range at a target she looks at the camera and non nonchalantly shakes the gun with the barrel pointed towards the cameraman.  Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up.  

Then, as if that part of the video is not bad enough, notice how the cameraman never seems to realize that his life is in danger.  If I were the cameraman the only thing you would seeing is the ground and the sky as I drop the camera to high tailed it away from this airhead.

 After watching this video, all I could think about is all the gun laws we have. In reality only gun law we need in America is one that bans reporters from ever coming near one. Momma, don't let your kids grow up to be airhead reporters, or they they just might find themselves on the short list for a Darwin Award some day. 



  1. UUUGGH! Maybe liberals can't be trusted with guns!

  2. The Idiots JUST WON'T LISTEN.

    Everyone needs Training & Safety classes.

  3. WHO let this Twit on the range ?
    With a handgun in the hands of an IDIOT liberal,
    the camera should be
    Afraid, VERY, VERY AFRAID !!

  4. "you need to change your pants?"

    LOL! That LEO should run for congress!

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