Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Hapless Redskins & Their Attempt at a Fake Field Goal

Like the play where Jim Marshall ran the wrong way for a touchdown, the Redskins will want to forget this trick play they attempted instead of kicking a last second field goal at the end of the first half of the MNF game against the New York Giants. Well, not only was the trick play botched, but as the play progressed it looked like it was a bunch of Pee-Wee Football kids running around the first for the first time. The Redskins fake field goal trick play almost ended up in a 95 yard interception return for a touchdown by the Giants. Along with their season, the Redskins will want to forget this play, but it seems unlikely they will ever be allowed to forget it. It is destined to go down in NFL history as one of those stupid things you just want to forget.

With the New York Giants leading the Washington Redskins 24-0 in the first half, the Redskins were able to drive the ball a bit on a great play by Santana Moss. With the second ticking down on the first half, the Redskins set up for a field goal that would at least put them on the board before halftime. Coming out to the field was the kicking team, and in an audible at the line, the play-caller (in this case the punter) shifted the line to the left side of the field. When I say left side of the field, I mean the center, a lineman and the kicker were the only ones left around the punter near the center of the field. In order to prepare for the play, the New York Giants simply called time-out on defense.

Instead of kicking the field goal after the time out was over, they again changed their offensive line set up and still tried the trick play. Well, enjoy the video and see for yourself what a fool the redskin coaching staff must truly feel like.

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