Friday, December 18, 2009

Could Eruptions Like This One, Raise Ocean Temperatures?

Earlier Friday afternoon, scientists funded by NOAA and the National Science Foundation released video of an underwater volcano eruption. This eruption is the deepest erupting volcano ever discovered and recorded. The video of this eruption is more than awesome, it is spectacular. In an area near Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, the West Mata volcano was discovered in May. The volcano lies almost 4,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

The scientists say they found a type of lava they have never seen erupting from an active volcano before. They also witnessed molten lava flowing across the deep-ocean seafloor for the first time ever. That is what the missions Chief Scientist, Joseph Resing, told reporters when he held a news conference explaining their findings. In 2004 the NOAA and it's partners discovered a much shallower eruption in an area called the Mariana Arc, but they knew that the deeper they went and the closer they got to the eruptions, that they would see the kind of eruptions that formed most of the oceanic crust.

What you will see in the video is a spectacular sequence that is close enough to the eruption that you can actually see violent magma degassing and producing bright flashes of hot magma. The Lava gets blown up into the water and then settles back to the sea floor, while the large plugs of lava flow rapidly down the slope. In the foreground you can see the front of the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) with sampling hoses. To give you the right perspective of what you are watching, the area in view is about 6-10 feet across in an eruptive area approximately 100 yards that runs along the summit.

Two things I need to know. First question is, we know that 71% of the earths surface is water and we know more about the planet Mars than we do about the ocean floor, is it possible that any warming of the oceans surface temperature is caused by the thousands of underwater volcanoes like the one in the video? And my second question is, when will we as a group quit standing around waiting for the modern day Nazi's to throw us into their concentration camps of poverty and misery, and take them these clowns down for good?

Also I found this information from an article you can read in whole at Science Daily, that Carol Stein, professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is a member of the research team that has studied the region, located between 50 and 150 miles offshore and covering an area the size of Connecticut. The sea floor, some two miles below, is marked by a collection of about 10 widely separated outcrops or mounts, rising from sediment covering crust made of extinct volcanic rock some 20-25 million years old. Stein and her colleagues found that seawater on this cold ocean floor is flowing through cracks and crevices faster and in greater quantity than what is typically found at mid-ocean ridges formed by rising lava. Water temperatures, while not as hot as by the ridge lava outcrops, are surprisingly warm as well.

Finding so much movement in a bland area of the ocean was surprising. "It's like finding Old Faithful in Illinois," said Stein. "When we went out to try to get a feel for how much heat was coming from the ocean floor and how much sea water might be moving through it, we found that there was much more heat than we expected at the outcrops."

Then from an this at that was published in Dec 2008 about Scientists finding greenhouse gas hysteria to be myth. It seems that a study by Gilbert Compo and Prashant Sardeshmukh of the University of Colorado and NOAA, and presented in the scientific journal Climate Dynamics, maintains that all of the greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere by humans over the last 46 years haven't affected land temperatures at all."The rise in land temperatures, the study states, can be tied directly to increased heat and humidity coming from warmer oceans, which in turn, the study admits, may be caused solely by natural forces.

"But if rising land temperatures are caused by rising ocean temperatures, what's causing the earth's seas to heat up? Although admitting that it could be man-made, the study said that it could also be due to increased sun activity, underwater volcanoes or simply the earth's regular patterns.

"Although not a focus of this study," write Compo and Sardeshmukh, "the degree to which the oceans themselves have recently warmed due to increased GHG, other anthropogenic, natural solar and volcanic forcings, or internal multi-decadal climate variations is a matter of active investigation."

So from what I understand, we cannot rule out the theory that natural causes from oceanic volcanos can be at leat partly to blame for any warming of the ocean temperateness. Which by the way we are told is a key indicator of global warming along with the rise in CO2.

Finally, the last time I checked, we cannot get close to the amount of carbon dioxide these volcanoes on the ocean floor are putting out. Anyone who wants to tell me that we know mankind is responsible for Global Warming, I can only guess they are looking to control the masses for their own greed of money and power. Well, I for one will not willingly board the train to misery and poverty these Nazi's have prepared for us. The way I see it, there will come a day when civil disobedience will be our only option, and from my vantage point it seems we are getting closer and closer to that moment every day.


  1. The vision and sounds are so other-worldly it is quite amazing. Thankyou for posting this.

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